Teach me how to see your vision through my eyes

Hiko had what I believe was his first encounter with snow this past week. He previously lived in Arizona, and I don’t know his history for sure, but he was only about a year and a half old when he came to me, so I think it’s a pretty good bet.

Anyway, he ran excitedly outside like he always does, made a much-truncated excited circle that did not touch the lawn, and came straight back to the door. He gave me this look like, “Hey, something weird happened out here! What’s going on?” He was (and has remained) very interested in attacking the snow on the flagstones, but he flat-out refused to walk on the snow-covered grass XD It was so freaking cute.

So this last week (and, to some extent, the previous week) at work has been insane. Tuesday in particular was appalling. We’re short a person in general at the moment, have one tech that is great and whom we love but who is still in training and therefore has a limited range of tasks she can perform, and one gal out on maternity leave. Then another tech had to take some time off due to a convergence of illness and disaster in his life. Then the trainee called in vomitous. And then another gal sprained her ankle right there at work.

This left three full-time techs, one part-time tech, and the supervisor. I can’t even begin to describe how short-handed that is at a clinic that does 20-30 surgeries every day. I could go on for paragraphs about how difficult and exhausting this was and how absolutely over the week we were before it was even halfway finished, but that’s not actually the point I’m aiming for here.

The thing is, I’ve had other jobs where understaffing and its attendant stress and misery was a regular occurrence –indeed, where understaffing was standard practice, and if you actually had enough employees working at any given moment, you were likely to get in trouble, because even desperately understaffed you were still guaranteed not to make your labor. So I am well accustomed to being understaffed; I am so familiar with this way of life, it wasn’t even a little bit of a surprise to encounter it in this job as well.

But this job is a real job where none of those others were. Despite the fact that I’m making little over minimum wage at this non-profit business, there is such a world of difference between this job and those others that I almost can’t describe it.

At those other places, when things sucked — which was most of the time — there was an atmosphere (unspoken but oppressive) of, What did you expect, working here? Do you really think you, who took this shitty job in the first place, deserve any better than these dehumanizing working conditions? It was consistently depressing and demoralizing.

But at my clinic, we pull together. We have each other’s backs. There is a perpetual atmosphere of empathy and support and the recognition both of everyone’s suffering and of everyone’s contributions. It’s, You guys are badasses, and no other team could have gotten through this craziness as well as you have. Far from making me feel somewhat ill and distinctly depressed at the thought of going to work, this solidarity has actually made me enjoy a stressful and incredibly tiring set of long, hard work days, and look forward to as an almost welcome challenge what at previous jobs has been a barrier to continued employment. This astonishes and gratifies me more than I can express.

I’m still hella tired, though. The weekend ends in about two hours, and I’m not ready XD I’m looking so forward to some time off in December.

Aight, so, in May of 1864, the battle at New Hope Church in Georgia caused the Confederate army severe losses. According to Gone With the Wind, “No one had lost faith in the invincibility of the troops but everyone had lost faith in the General.” Soon thereafter that particular general was replaced.

In World of Warcraft, at the battle of Light’s Hope Chapel, the Scourge sustains heavy losses, and many of the Lich King’s Death Knights are freed from their brainwashing and cease following him. Light’s Hope Chapel thereafter is held by the enemies of the Scourge.

I don’t really think this is anything more than an interesting coincidence — and the similarities between the two battles aren’t even striking enough that I would have noticed if not for the names of the two locations — but it is interesting, isn’t it? When I got to that bit in GWtW, I was like, Huh, that’s kinda cool…! Enough that I had to make note of it here in my journal.

Let’s finish up with some pictures of Hiko, in the bath and then afterwards when he’s all clean. Bizarrely, these are actually pictures from today and yesterday. Yeah, I still have a million pictures to post from previous years, but I should probably try to keep up with what pictures I’m taking these days too XD

Aahh, who is just the cutest little man!!!!!!

Visions flowing, slowly shedding light, memories swimming in the sea of time

Happy Densetsu no Saigo Hen day! I wish I had a story to post to celebrate this day, but it’s the middle of the month, so I’ll just make a personal entry instead. Stuff’s piling up, as usual, for me to post about in any case.

I had a birthday! Despite being sick, I enjoyed it very much. We were going to go to Bishop Castle on the Monday, assuming I felt well enough, only then brother didn’t get out of bed until after noon and wasn’t showered and ready for life until 1400, so there wasn’t enough time. But then he made me a birthday dinner and a birthday cake and also bought me totally unnecessary presents, so I suppose he kinda redeemed himself XD

It was a spice cake with butterscotch pudding and whipped cream on top, and it was FREAKING DELICIOUS. It only had 32 candles because I fail at maths and for some reason thought that two packages of 16 would be sufficient. Seriously, though, I think it’s time to stop doing all the candles, because having to buy three packages just seems silly and they take an eternity to light and get wax all over the cake by the time they’re done. I’ll get some numbers or something next year.

We had snow yesterday. Just thought I’d mention.

Today I got a new tattoo. For some reason, I really love the way a new tattoo smells.

Now neither the angels in Heaven above, nor the demons down under the sea, can ever dissever my arm from the sign of the wonderful E.A.P..

I made the appointment to get that tattoo yesterday, and I was so excited about it that it caused me to dream about something else I’m excited about, which is our Disney World trip in December. Did I mention that several members of my family are going to Disney World in December, and ever since that plan was made I’ve been dreaming about it?

Anyone that follows my personal entries must be well aware, of course, that I dream about Disneyland all the freaking time. But I’ve actually been to Disneyland, and never to Disney World, so the Disney World dreams are even less accurate than my already weird Disneyland dreams. The same theme is often present, though: Oh, crap, I’ve been here three days and haven’t gone on any rides yet!! As I’ve mentioned before, I always wonder what my dream thinks I have found to do in Disneyplace for three days besides going on any rides XD

I also dreamed I was Luann DeGroot. I was on my way to a high school prom in a car full of people, two of whom were elves and one of whom was an adult man that I think was a co-worker of my father. This guy made an incredibly racist comment about elves, and I got so angry at him that I launched into this lengthy rant that ended by telling him to get out of my car and crying off all my carefully applied makeup.

When I mentioned this to my family, the predominant first response, besides incredulous laughter, was, “When was the last time you read Luann?” Because we haven’t gotten a newspaper around here for probably a decade XD

Also! I got bitten RIGHT IN THE FACE by a miniature pinscher. It’s probably going to turn into a pretty badass scar. That was not a dream; that was a work thing. I have yet to get a decent picture of it, though; the light’s always bad and you can’t see it clearly. It’s a line maybe 3/4 of an inch long on my chin.

Oh, speaking of work things… the other day, a co-worker and I were scrubbing/assembling packs, which is a thing we do facing this big ol’ window onto the parking lot. The parking lot on that side of the building is an alley between our building and the next businesses over. So this guy pulls into the space right in front of us, and we start joking about how he’s probably waiting there for a drug dealer because he has no license plate (only a super fake handwritten fakie temporary tag with just a date on it) and he backed into the space as if to facilitate a quick getaway if needed.

And then this other car with all tinted windows pulls up, a guy — a guy in a shirt that LITERALLY SAYS “Usually stoned” on it — gets out of the back seat, comes to the driver’s window of the first car, makes some kind of exchange with the first guy involving a baggie of something white, and then gets back into black-tinted-window-car and drives off.

I mean, we actually watched an entire drug deal from beginning to end standing about eight feet away from it behind a NON-TINTED WINDOW. Way to be freaking subtle, guys!!

How about some other photos, since this is a personal entry.

Look at this super adorable baby corn snake ZOMFG!!!!!! This was at my school at some point.

I’m not sure where I saw this. Home Depot or something? Anyway, I liked how… obvious… it was.

There is almost nothing interesting about this picture, but I’m pretty sure I took it because I’d just started watching Once Upon A Time the previous day and then I saw this in a grocery store.

And now I’ve forgotten all the other stuff I needed to post about. Happy Densetsu no Saigo Hen day, everyone!


After I did a second working interview for them yesterday, the spay/neuter clinic has decided to hire me. I start tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that this is not an optimal job, since it is solely a spay/neuter clinic and therefore won’t give me practice at any other vet tech skills. But it’s in the right field, it’s experience of some kind, and it will be full time paying slightly more than EA. Therefore I am pleased.

Yesterday we had one of the badass hailstorms we get here.

The yard always looks like we’ve had snow afterward:

And then when brother and I went to drive somewhere, we found that hail had piled interestingly against the garage door:

That’s all the pictures I feel like posting right now. I’m extremely lazy, and it’s my last day to be so. I should really work on story, but instead I may play Conquests of the Longbow for the rest of the afternoon and then touch up my hair dye before I go to bed early.

With these guys manning the field, I’ve got a notion today’s going to be a holiday

I saw snowflakes on Friday night! It must be October. That’s not nearly as exciting as the sneaky Peyton touchdown I saw today, though :D :D :D

Family members were around all week, and that was pretty fun. I got to play with nephew and niece a lot, and once we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Poor waybee was extremely unhappy about it, though; she doesn’t like childs. She spent most of the week hiding under my bed, poor thing.

One time, sweet cat was sneeping under the blanket as she sometimes does, and Lyric came in. She wanted to sit on the bed, but was having a hard time climbing up onto it, and only managed to pull the blanket further and further down. Presently waybee became exposed, and I have never seen such a panicky, horrified expression on an animal’s face before. She started backing away trying to get under the blanket again. It was extremely funny and cute and sad. She’s very happy that the childs have gone elsewhere.

Wednesday, when I came home from work, my father said to me, “Do you want to go meet your mother and brother and sister and brother-in-law and nephew and niece at Chick-fil-A?” Now, I don’t spend money at Chick-fil-A on account of ideological conflict, but since I have issues saying no to free food or the opportunity to eat a meal with family, I agreed to go.

On the way there, we rather casually discussed this, and my father remarked that every time he’s been to a CfA he’s noticed that all the employees seem to be the kind of fresh-faced, clean-cut youth he associates with church-going. He did not mean this in a negative way, but in agreeing with him I couldn’t restrain a shudder. I won’t deny that I have some prejudices XD

Inside the restaurant, I actually felt a little awkward. Could they tell that I’m gay? Did I look bad for patronizing their establishment? The employees appeared exactly as my dad and I had discussed, and that didn’t help. In any case, we got tired of waiting for our peoples to show up and decided to order our stuff already. When our combined order turned out to cost exactly $15.00, I wondered what the chances were of such a total.

Says the young man taking the order, “Yeah, it works out like that sometimes.” He looks at me and adds, “Actually, your meal with the lemonade came to $6.66.”

And would you believe that this automatically made me feel better? Though I’ve had some GI sensitivity ever since I ate the food there…

“uuuuuuuuuuuuuuy8222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222gtf,” says cat.

I have a terrible weakness for little figures. In my current living circumstances, most of my dear little figures remain boxed up, and I have no place to put new ones… but I still buy them. Before the nephew and niece appeared, Lesta and I visited Wal-Mart’s toy section to pick up a few things, and discovered this huge selection of really nice-looking and well detailed animal figures. I could seriously have bought one of each; they were so sweet. But I restrained myself to the two I liked best, which you can see here:

I have named the Shropshire Hettie, but I haven’t decided on a name for the longhorn yet. Aren’t they amazing, though?? I love them so much. Probably just as much as I love my other new figures:

Earlier, cat very kindly put Relena and Wufei on the floor together. Cat often does this.

I dreamed that I was a Winx fata, and we were going for a new transformation. Somehow we’d come up with the theory that the clothes we were wearing when we achieved the new transformation would have an effect on what our new outfits looked like after we’d transformed, so we had chosen what to wear with great care. I think we had the key to the new transformation, but we hadn’t activated it yet because we wanted to get the clothes right first.

Only then, everywhere we went, there were people around that we couldn’t get to go away, so we couldn’t enact the new transformation without giving away our true identities. (In real life, I haven’t actually watched enough of that show to know whether or not that’s a problem, but obviously my subconscious assumed that it was.) So we decided to go back to my house, where we were going later for a party anyway. But then the power went out, which was apparently yet another barrier to our new transformation. This was a silly dream.

Well, today has been a very productive day. I wrote very successfully, and the Broncos remained undefeated with some effort. I even finished my stupid homework. Here’s looking forward to a good week!

Apparently I think extremely well of myself right now

In my dream, I was getting ready for Prom. As is often the case in my dreams, this took place in a labyrinthine bathroom faintly reminiscent of Silent Hill. Presently a large grizzly bear attacked, and I killed the poor thing with such ease that the dream didn’t actually bother to show how I’d done it.

Then this horrible old bearded man showed up and started leering at me. I told him to look inside the nearby barrel. When he did so, and found the corpse of the grizzly bear I’d stuffed in there, I warned him that he’d really better not annoy me. He couldn’t get the bear’s body back into the barrel because he wasn’t as badassedly strong as I was. Then he left.

Usually my getting-ready dreams never actually lead anywhere — certainly not to the event I’m supposedly getting ready for — but in this one I did finish my toilette, and headed for Prom. At first I thought it might be cool to go in there with Akabane as if he were my date, but after not too much thought I decided I was too awesome even for Akabane, and went in alone.

I was wearing a three-piece suit rather than a tux, in black and red, and I looked SO FUCKING HOT. I swaggered into the place knowing how amazing I was and how everyone was marveling at my hotness and amazingness. There were some people dancing, but I wasn’t terribly interested in that; I headed straight for the refreshments table and started to fill up a plate with delicious things.

There was this one cake so tall that, when it had been diminished so only a single piece remained, fell over onto its back. I only wanted about a third of this massive piece of cake, and very carefully cut into it with a knife. Then I sat down at a table with my dad (because why shouldn’t he be there, if I was?), knowing that I still looked incredibly attractive and impressive.

So… I’m not sure what that was about XD

Today we are driving to meet my dad’s parents in Moab. Hopefully that will be fun. It’s supposed to be, like, 102° there today, so I bought a swimsuit for the first time in… good lord, I can’t remember. Fifteen years? And then I shaved my thighs for the first time in perhaps eight.


Next week is my last free time before in-person school starts. I suppose I should work really hard on everything I won’t have nearly as much time for during school, but I feel more like hanging around outside in the lovely hot weather and relaxing. Of course this relaxation takes place with my computer these days, and usually after I’ve worn my voice out recording, so it’s generally fairly productive. Good jobon me.

Somehow I thought this entry would take longer to write, probably because I believed, as usual, that I had more to say than it turned out I actually did. We’re waiting for my brother to get home from class so we can depart, and I’ve already packed up my computer for travel, so I’m making this entry on my phone while I boredly sit around. Technically I don’t think his class has even ended yet. Mou.

But you gotta love ’em anyway. I don’t care what they say anymore.

The big fire should be fully contained by the end of today. Over 500 homes have been destroyed in this one, which is so many more than last year it boggles the mind. Yesterday the entire city was buried in a smoky haze that turned the sun blood-red and hid half the mountains. Fortunately, there’s been more rain earlier than last year, which is part of the reason (despite much more destruction) this fire has been more quickly contained than last year’s was.

Some bees have built a nest inside the seat of my bicycle. This is so strange to me.

I dreamed I was a seemingly all-powerful magician. I lived in a house full of roommates, and was making my way back to it across a neighborhood. I encountered someone’s overgrown back yard and decided to cause a million flowers to grow throughout all the overgrowth. My roommates made fun of me for this. Next I encountered the neighborhood’s emergency food storage area. Everyone always donated food regularly, but the place was very badly organized. So I used magic to organize it, despite being able to see trouble arising from this in future: the new organization packed everything in much more tightly, which made it look as if there was less food there, and people were going to think I’d stolen some. But I didn’t care. Then there was… Pac-Man…

I also dreamed that I was at a Michael Jackson concert, and my mom was directing his orchestra ^__^

Hey, have you guys ever had chicken and waffles? I didn’t even know this was a thing until some chips flavored thus appeared recently. Then I discovered chicken and waffles on a menu at a restaurant and had to try them. So. Delicious.

Bees. Bees. Bees inside my bike. Wot.

I’ve been playing Dragon Age II a lot recently, and it is awesome. I hear very little praise of this game from anyone else, and everyone assures me the previous game was way better, so I’m actually really glad I randomly picked up the second in the series first. Because I loOoOove it, and if Origins is even better, then that is amazing.

The thing is, I’m not very good at video games, and I encountered a battle I couldn’t win no matter how I tried. Seriously, I think I went through it, like, twenty times and finally just decided to start the game over and try to be better prepared for that battle the next time I came to it XD But last night I also called in an expert (i.e. my brother, who is better at video games than I am and probably more patient in general), and he won the battle on his first try, never having played the game at all before. So now I can keep making out with Merrill all day playing with that character. Yay brother!

Lately I have made some decent progress on both HR and Confrérie, and more than a little of that has been at work during slow hours. What a lovely job I have XD Also, I’ve been doing a lot of recording again because sometimes that bug bites me. I’ve started re-recording Plastic, though I fear that any long story will never actually get a finished recording because there will always be an new edit of the story to make the existing recording outdated before it’s even finished.


Forecast to be falling yesterday; only in the past is what they say

My long break has ended, and I have started four online classes. So far they’re all pretty stupid, but as soon as we get into real assignments that should change for at least some of them; I have little hope for the “Communications” course that literally has an assignment later called “Parts of Speech,” but the bio/chem class shouldn’t be too bad, I think.

Did I get everything done that I wanted to over the break? Let’s take a look at the list I made near the beginning of my time off and see what kind of productivity I have achieved.

Fast Decisions — Yep. And even taking this to mean HoH as a whole, I have made good progress. Cross-Cancellation still isn’t done, ’tis true, but it’s gotten really close. I will take a look at it after this entry, in fact.

TLY — oops. I haven’t actually opened this at all. Maybe this is what I should take a look at after this entry. It’s true, you know… what they say about art in a vacuum…

Lellom Srab — haven’t touched this either.

All the recordings in the world — Since I started out the break with worse-than-usual congestion, this (and Lellom Srab) kinda got shuffled into the background. I edited all my shorter one-shots about Saitou and Sano (and I will get to the longer ones pretty soon), and recorded a few of those, though.

A big picture — I actually started this, but I haven’t quite finished the line art. Once the weather gets warmer and I am more inclined to sit outside, this will become a more interesting thing. It has grown quite lovely even lately, but not quite hot enough yet. It’s alllmmoost tank top time, and I’m excited, since nobody has yet seen the tattoo I got in December.

Vacuum my room — one time! It surely would have been more than that (she said with forlorn dishonesty) if Enishi hadn’t died. And by that I am referring to my vacuum named Enishi, not Seeing Red.

OK, so I feel like I’ve been fairly productive over the break. Other stuff I have accomplished that wasn’t on the list was getting half an ASZz chapter written and, as of last night, two minutes of an awesome music video put together.

Last week was another Doom Week at EA on account of Mother’s Day. Sunday itself wasn’t as order-heavy as Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t at an internship at the same time, so the whole week wasn’t as horrible as Valentine’s Day week, but it was still pretty intense. I have two more shifts before my ten work days in a row will end and I will have a day off.

So I dreamed at one point that I was romantically involved with Mr. Gold. He had to disguise himself for some purpose or other, but instead of using magic he went into this place and came back with an actual disguise. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it was so painfully dorky that I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep rather than acknowledge him.

I also dreamed that Zombie Girl came to visit! That was great.

OK, have some pictures of my cat. The guest bed had to be moved upstairs for a recent guest time, and for a while the mattress was leaning against the kitchen counter. This is what cat invariably does with vertical mattresses.

Damn, girl! You so freaking sexy!

Colorado Springs:

Despite this, the roads were just fine as I headed for work today. Despite this, the car randomly died with no prior symptoms. Despite this, I was only about forty minutes late to work. Magic! (That picture’s of my back yard, actually.)

For THREE DAYS IN A ROW NOW I have done my exercise as planned! I walk the treadmill for the length of one episode (usually minus ending theme) and then stretch for the length of another. Lesta and I have been watching BSSM, but when he’s not around I use TNE so as not to watch episodes he needs to see. I am so pleased that I have started my new exercising so well! Now we shall see if I can keep it up.

I am also pleased that I got a renewal of my Facemagic Awesomestuff prescription that ran out, like, last December or so. Since that time, the acne I really shouldn’t have to put up with at the age of thirty-two has crept back up on my poor face like evil ninja on… some place evil ninja creep up on. Now, with Facemagic Awesomestuff, I can beat it back again!!!! Triumph!!

Tomorrow is a day off work, and I intend that it shall be productive. It shall be especially productive if I can actually get to sleep in a timely fashion tonight, unlike last night, so as to rise sometime before, like, noon. My back hurt so much last night I didn’t fall asleep until after three-thirty-ish. And even though I slept in, I am kinda tired now. Which I think has made this entry a little more silly than it needed to be. So I shall go to bed.

Run and hide your crazy

Today there is a tremendous snow storm. How cool it would be if my manager called and told me I didn’t have to drive all the way across town in it to come to work XD If that unlikely event does not take place, I will have TACO BELL on the way to work.

I’ve been sick since last Tuesday or so. I think I caught whatever it is that my mom’s had for months on end now. Of course being sick is no fun, but at least it came at the end of the internship rather than in the middle, and not during cantata.

Cantata went well. On Sunday night, before the performance, dad wedged a door open with a couple of small rocks because it gets extremely hot on the stand with all of us so close together singing. During the performance, these small rocks apparently threw a party.

I came out afterwards and found this and laughed so hard. You can’t even really see the original wedge rocks in that picture because GIANT BOULDER is mostly hiding them.

So it was almost precisely a year ago that the excellent daily treadmill-walking habit I’d gotten into died a sudden and unexpected death, and I’ve had it in mind for several weeks now that as soon as my internship was over I would start that up again. It’s become very clear that I need to become stronger for this field of work. Unfortunately, with this stupid sick, I’ve felt too wretched and tired so far to do that. I’m afraid today is going to be the same.

I dreamed that I was She-Ra. A villain was coming, so I ran out of the building I was in to defeat him. He was using a giant catapult to throw huge missiles at various buildings and stuff, which is more or less hilarious since canonically it’s usually She-Ra herself throwing the giant rocks. Anyway, I went out there and whistled for Swift Wind, but even after I’d whistled several times he didn’t appear. I realized some traitor must have restrained him inside the building to keep him from helping me.

So I ran off toward the bad guy, shouting for the people around me to “find my damn horse.” Unfortunately, on foot I wasn’t fast enough to stop all the missiles, and lots of damage and danger was happening. So I went for the guy himself. The catapult thing he was on was shaped like a giant fire truck, and I grabbed him down off of it and started ripping him apart with my bare hands. Because I was freaking She-Ra. But I found that, instead of being shaped like a normal organic being with blood and organs and such, he was composed of uninflated balloons. The narration in my dream remarked, “At this point I started to notice a certain filled-with-balloons quality to the body of the enemy,” and I think it was this absurdity that woke me up. I never did find Swift Wind.